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Home Sweet Home for Addy and Ruger
On September 16, 2000, Creekside's Kennels in Davenport, Florida, welcomed a new litter of great dane puppies. Creekside's Man of Steel, a.k.a. Ruger, was born amid six litter mates; a gentle and sensitive fawn great dane with a black mask.

A few months later, on December 28, 2000, Sycamore Kennels in Lake City, Florida, welcomed the arrival of a new litter of great dane puppies. Adele von Neidlinger of Sycamore, a.k.a. Addy, was born; a mantle great dane with a ton of sass!
Their First Year
Addy was a single child until we decided to have a brother or a sister and expand the Armstrong family. We searched different rescue organizations for Great Danes and found Ruger at Central Florida Great Dane Rescue in Sanford, Florida. In early October, 2001, we broght Ruger home to meet his sister for the first time. Ruger was 20+ pounds underweight when we adopted him. It appears that his first family was not too nice to him and abused him and undernourished him as well. At his first vet visit with us, he weighed 86 pounds. By January, 2002, he weighs 110+ pounds thanks to a healthy diet of Innova dog food. Ruger has helped to calm Addy down, she is a wild child with a mind of her own. Some books I have read attribute that behavior to her coloration. What can I say, she is spoiled to the core. Ruger is well on his way there.

Addy and Ruger both enjoy going to the pet park to play with other dogs and harassing our cats. They get along very well with each other; I guess the saying is correct, opposites do attract. Addy is well, spoiled, while Ruger is the epitomy of a gentle giant; he is laid back and very sensitive.

As we closed out on Addy's first year, we celebrated her birthday on December 28, 2001 with Scooby-do party hats and a doggie friendly banana bundt cake that I made. It was a huge hit. Ruger celebrated his birthday during this party since we adopted him when he was 13 months old and he missed out on his birthday celebration. Addy is pictured to the right and you can view more birthday shots on the photo pages.
Ruger and Addy, October, 2001
This is their favorite spot to sit, right infront of the sink on the kitchen floor. At night and during the day, this is where they sleep and stay. But there is no denying that their favorite spot is wherever the human members of their family decide to sit.

The Armstrong Zoo
Not only do we have two great danes, but our households boasts four cats, Goatee, Tiger, Cougar and Sinatra and two birds, Rubix, a Jenday Conure and America, an African Grey Congo Parrot. Addy and Ruger have their own photo page. The rest of the zoo has a page devoted to them too!
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Happy birthday to me!
This is Addy celebrating her 1st birthday on December 28, 2001. Notice the cake in the background that has not been chomped on yet!